Darla L. Henry & Associates Home About Us 3-5-7 Model Calendar GRANTS Blog Resources Contact In response to one of my more recent trainings, I received the following comment:

“I thought the workshop was great.  I am still struggling with knowing that there is very little I can do to implement any of this when my caseload sits at over thirty children.  When  I only see kids once every 4-8 weeks (and some of these visits are just really quick check-ins due to time constraints).  Within the time frame I have, it becomes very hard not to rely on therapists…to try and help kids work on their grief and trauma.”

This is a frequent comment made by child welfare professionals who learn the 3-5-7 Model© framework and who are re-connected to the reasons they pursued careers in this critical field.  And, if you don’t have Santa magic to be able to visit all your youth on one day, what can you do?  Read more…. 

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