Darla L. Henry & Associates Home About Us 3-5-7 Model Calendar GRANTS Blog Resources Contact I share some of my thoughts about the expression of feelings in our youth in my book, 3-5-7 Model: A Practice Approach to Permanency: Stories of Hope and Healing for Children, Youth and Families:
“How frequently do children or youth get the “message” that it is not okay to feel what they feel? How often have their feelings been ignored? How often are they asked “why” they did what they did, when they are in the feelings of the moment, and do not know why, or cannot express it in words? Children and youth are “telling” us about their grief and painful feelings through their behaviors. They need their pain and hurt to be recognized, validated and accepted before they can continue to sort out their feelings and thoughts as to what they mean”

Children, youth and families need to have permission to feel, to know that it is okay to feel angry, to know that their feelings are real.  This month we focus our attention on this topic and provide you with some ideas to help you support the expression of feelings as you support their work.  Read more…. 

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