Darla L. Henry & Associates Home About Us 3-5-7 Model Calendar GRANTS Blog Resources Contact The emergence of spring after a long winter can evoke many thoughts and feelings.  Some are urged to do spring cleaning, others to work the soil but the coming of Spring always reminds me of the resilient qualities of nature.  
Based on the premise that children are resilient and have, within them, the capabilities to mourn the losses they have lived, and to engage in renewing and rebuilding relationships, the model promotes the belief that children are whole, not broken. While they may have been victimized, they are not viewed as victims. As we see signs of spring unfold around us, lets be renewed in our efforts to support the work of children, youth and families in grieving their losses and rebuilding their relationships towards the goals of well-being, safety and permanency.   Click here to see more from our March Newsletter.   

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