Darla L. Henry & Associates Home About Us 3-5-7 Model Calendar GRANTS Blog Resources Contact September has always been a welcomed time of transition for me – with the change from the summer schedule to the school schedule and the changes in nature, I find myself looking forward to the new season to come. But the return to school season isn’t always so welcomed for children and youth who may find themselves in an educational setting that isn’t foster friendly or adoption friendly.  The pain and loss many children and youth who have been separated from loved ones feel doesn’t get left at the door when they enter school.  It accompanies them, challenging their ability to succeed in the school setting.  Wouldn’t it be hard to learn a new math concept while unanswered questions about your parents’ and/or siblings’ well-being loomed?  Our children and youth’s feelings of loss are often highlighted when faced with an assignment to complete a family tree or present pictures of themselves as an infant.  Fortunately, the field of education has become more sensitive to these issues and information abounds.  In this newsletter we will share some resources for those who interface with the education system and talk about overcoming some common barriers we face.  

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