Initial Inquiry

Initial Inquiry Process

More than training, the 3-5-7 Model™ provides organizational preparation to “shift” the culture of the agency;  critical to integrating the practice into a day-to-day routine and to assure sustainability.  Darla L. Henry & Associates engages organizations in a preparation process that is specific to individual needs and provides Initial Inquiry Consultation services at no cost to organizations.  Initial Inquiry Consultation services support the work of the organization leading up to the start of training, application and implementation activities.  Darla L. Henry & Associates, Inc. Initial Inquiry Consultation services include elements such as:

  • Initial conversations with interested parties in your organization, including agency decision makers
  • Guest participation for one or two organizational representatives at a 3-5-7 Model™ training
  • Overview of the 3-5-7 Model™ via web-conferencing for limited audience (1-2 hours)
  • Use of Appreciative Inquiry[1] to strategize sequencing of 3-5-7 Model™ programs and maximize application and implementation success
    • Identification of effective organizational processes

During the pre-training exploration phase, programs who inquire about training are asked about the following:

  • How is your agency structured?
  • Do you have an organizational chart?
  • What other agencies do you interact with?
  • What is your expectation related to these agencies’ involvement in implementation?
  • Who will be part of your implementation team?
  • What is the educational and experience background of your staff?
  • What is a typical caseload?
  • Who interacts with the child?  How many staff, from what departments/agencies?  For how long?
  • How/when do transitions occur?
  • What does supervision look like?
  • How are decisions made?
  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • What system barriers do you experience?
  • What need do you anticipate the 3-5-7 Model™ will fulfill?
  • What do you want to get out of training?
  • What initiatives are currently in place?

Consultation fees are waived during the Initial Inquiry Consultation phase.  The amount of time spent in this phase varies based on program need.



[1] Appreciative Inquiry attempts to use ways of asking questions and envisioning the future in-order to foster positive relationships and build on the present potential of a given person, organization or situation.  Cooperrider, D.L. & Srivastva, S. (1987) Appreciative inquiry in organizational life. In Woodman, R. W. & Pasmore, W.A. (eds)  Research In Organizational Change And Development, Vol. 1 (129‐q169). Stamford, CT: JAI Press.