Internal Trainer Certification

3-5-7 Model® Internal Trainer Certification

Recognizing that organizations have an interest in building internal capacity for ongoing training on the 3-5-7 Model®, Darla L. Henry & Associates has created the 3-5-7 MODEL® INTERNAL TRAINER CERTIFICATION (ITC) program.

The ITC program is comprehensive, requiring a commitment by the organization and individual trainer staff.  Candidates become certified by attending training and actively participating in the training, coaching and application process.   Participation in the program ensures fidelity to the core concepts and practices of the 3-5-7 Model®.  Agencies with staff who complete the ITC program are recognized Internal Trainer Certified agencies.

PREREQUISITES (selection & enrollment)

 Organizations may sponsor individuals as candidates for training certification who meet the following criteria

  • Possess social work or related degrees and field experiences as practitioners of child welfare related work.
  • Must have training experience as demonstrated by vitae (to be submitted and approved prior to enrollment).
  • Must commit to full participation in all ITC activities.


Candidates will meet the following requirements for Certification:

  • Must participate in training on 3-5-7 Model®.
  • Must participate in all coaching sessions throughout the implementation of the ITC program.
  • Must be familiar with the content and activities contained in the 3-5-7 Model® Workbook and 3-5-7 Model® tools.

Candidate responsibilities:
For those candidates who wish to complete the certification process, the following is required:

  • Candidates will perform the role of training and coaching coordinator – responsible for all sponsor agency preparation and organization related to the 3-5-7 Model® training and coaching sessions, including ensuring technical components of the event are ready, materials are ready and participating staff are prepared.
  • Candidates will demonstrate their understanding and applications of the 3-5-7 Model® by participating in training and coaching sessions. This may include short presentations during trainings and the provision of input during coaching sessions.
  • Must demonstrate skills in practice applications of the 3-5-7 Model®
  • Must demonstrate competency in trainer skills
  • Candidates will be required to conduct a full day of training of the 3-5-7 Model® while being observed by representatives of the 3-5-7 Model®.
  • Following each 3-5-7 Model® training session and each coaching session, candidates will participate in a debriefing session for approximately 30 minutes.

Candidates will be mentored, coached and evaluated during this process towards clarification and integration of 3-5-7 Model® concepts so that they might actualize their readiness to be certified for training on the 3-5-7 Model®.   A determination will be made at the end of the program if a candidate meets all necessary requirements for certification.  If certification is not granted, additional steps will be identified to achieve this status as a certified internal trainer.

Organizations will receive a license to train on the 3-5-7 Model® within their agreed upon agency for a period of one year.  Re-authorization for licensure renewal will be reviewed on an annual basis to ascertain training to the fidelity of the 3-5-7 Model® practice approach and for approval to continue training within the sponsor agency.


This certification provides a limited license that will permit an individual to ONLY train employees within the sponsoring organization.  Training on the 3-5-7 Model® outside of the sponsor agency or to persons who are not direct employees of the sponsor agency is not permitted.  If a staff person ends employment with the sponsoring organization that staff person is not permitted to train at another organization without written permission by Darla L. Henry & Associates.

  • Internal Trainer Certification Sponsorship Application Process
  • Agencies should submit the following for individuals they wish to sponsor
  • Resume/vitae
  • Thorough discussion of experience as a trainer
  • History of training and experience with 3-5-7 Model®, detailing attendance at training and participation in coaching provided by Darla L. Henry & Associates.


Darla L. Henry & Associates will provide coaching and consultation to those Internal Certified Trainers throughout their provision of training the 3-5-7 Model® programs. In addition, access will be given to new/updated materials and tools.


Ongoing certification is good for one year and renewable for two years before additional consultation/training is required.