Program Overview

The 3-5-7  Model™ Program Overview

Outlined below is an overview of the standard 3-5-7 Model™ Program.  This program is unique in that it is not a training, but rather a multi-year program that brings about practice change and system change.

The 3-5-7 Model™ Program includes an Initial Inquiry Process through which the Darla L. Henry & Associates staff learns about the organization and develops an Implementation Team that is instrumental in guiding the organization through the practice changes that result in applying the 3-5-7 Model™.

Year One

Year one of the 3-5-7 Model™ includes foundation training.  For typical organizations this includes four days of on-site training days; two consecutive days, then one day 4 months out and one day 6 months out.

Consultation coaching begins monthly (minimally) following the initial training for 10 months. Coaching is usually a one hour session once or twice a month in which direct staff or supervisor are coached on applying the model in practice.

Year Two

In the second year we continue consultation/coaching and we build upon the foundation laid by introducing enhanced programming such as the 3-5-7 Model™ Resource Parent Program and 3-5-7 Model™ Groups Program and Internal Trainer Certification.

Year Three

In the third year, we continue to introduce programs as needed and continue consultation/coaching on a quarterly basis.

Research and Evaluation of programming is a feature we can include at any step of programming.